Open Talents Series: Testimonials From EAEC Clients and Partners

Open Talents Series

Check out our latest videos shot at our first Open Talents Series event (July, 6, 2015) in San Francisco: "Nos Entrepreneurs Européens a la conquête de l'Ouest" (videos in French)



Written testimonials From EAEC Clients and Partners

Jean Paul Despins, CEO, Eye Tech Inc., New York, NY, USA:
Clients, clients and clients, this is what I asked for and this is what I got with the help of EAEC.

Luc Hardy, CEO, Sagax LLC., New York, NY, USA:
Companies coming into the USA need primarly funds and partners. This is what Sagax and EAEC are all about.

Carol Fuller, CEO, Ceyx, San Diego, CA, USA:
Getting in front of potential customers was one thing, but walking away with sample orders after a first meeting was an unexpected bonus. Thanks EAEC!

Stephane Bossy, PDG, Gollian Interactive, Lausanne, Switzerland:
EAEC advices helped us make fast decisions and the right ones.

Herve Debbah, PDG, SWT SA, Paris, France:
EAEC’s contribution has been instrumental in our US development and exit strategy.

Jean-Hugues Houdin, Enterprise Director, Captiva Software, Inc., New York, NY, USA:
A strong commitment from a true partner, EAEC has always worked in the best interests of our company long term development and success.

Frederic Gillot, Enterprise Solutions Lead Engineer, EMC, Inc., New York, NY, USA:
EAEC’s knowledge of the North American market around content management technologies helped us close very large deals.

Paul Yantus, Executive Vice President, Captaris, Inc., Seattle, WA, USA:
EAEC provided deep domain expertise and market knowledge that really helped us refine our worldwide new product strategies.