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The European American Enterprise Council (EAEC) is a private member-driven social enterprise and NETWORK (eight US and EU chapters).

EAEC is part of the European Commission's Enterprise Europe Network (EEN: 600+ organizations in Europe, and a worldwide presence), and aims at promoting Transatlantic cooperation, collaboration, trade and investment between European and North-American companies, institutions and economic regions while fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

EAEC is also an essential element of the European Commission's NearUS initiative, started in April 2017, which will establish a Network of European Research and Innovation Centres throughout the United States that will act as a central contact point for European research and innovation actors - clusters, universities, R&D labs/centers, researchers, start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)... - seeking to grow and reinforce collaboration across the Atlantic. The mission of the Network is to provide standardized as well as tailor-made, research & innovation internationalisation support services to European researchers and innovators, to accelerate their exposure and access to the US market, and maximize their chances of success. More.

EAEC specializes in and maintains a first-class network of contacts and TALENTS in the areas of ICT, infrastructure (civil works, transport, railroad, electric), aerospace, energy, biotech, and hospitality in the United States and Europe, both in private organizations and in public regulatory entities and authorities.

Our talents, EAEC team and EAEC members available part time, shared time and full time, coach, support and assist both European companies wishing to establish themselves or invest in North America, and North American companies wishing to establish themselves or invest in Europe; by advising them, offering them access to clients, distribution channels and decision-making ecosystems/hubs, leading them through an entire market development PROCESS, and helping them achieve their expansion and revenue goals.

Do you want to know more about EAEC?

Check out our video shot at our "North America meets Europe" event (June, 22, 2014) during the Bio International Convention 2014 in San Diego:


Open Talents Series

Check out our latest video shot at our first Open Talents Series event (July, 6, 2015) in San Francisco: "Nos Entrepreneurs Européens a la conquête de l'Ouest" (video in French)

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